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Building Embeddable: A Q&A with Jozef, Head of Engineering

Written by
Ella Cullen
last updated on
February 21, 2024

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In the dynamic landscape of technological innovation, a groundbreaking platform is emerging that promises to reshape the way businesses engage with data and empower their customers. Embeddable is on a mission to redefine the realm of customer-facing analytics, enabling companies to bring their dream analytics solutions to life.

We sat down with Jozef, the Head of Engineering at Embeddable, to delve deeper into the essence of this transformative product. Join us as we unravel the story behind Embeddable and how it will revolutionize the way companies deliver customer facing analytics.

Crafting the Vision and Aligning the Team

Q: When Tom's (Tom Gardiner, CEO) vision for Embeddable was laid out and our ambitious journey began, what were your initial steps to prepare the engineering team for this undertaking?

Jozef: At Embeddable, we pride ourselves on our lean and effective engineering team. Efficiency is paramount, and a shared understanding of the vision is where it all starts. My first steps post-vision were aimed at ensuring every member of the team not only comprehends the vision but also embraces it wholeheartedly. Before even writing a single line of code, we organized brainstorming and alignment sessions. It's crucial that everyone is on the same page and invested in the journey ahead.

Balancing In-House Development and Outsourcing

Q: Deciding when to outsource a component of the platform seems complex. Could you shed light on how these decisions are made?

Jozef: Indeed, it's a complex consideration. Engineers have a natural inclination to build things, but sometimes, outsourcing is the wiser choice. At Embeddable, we follow agile and iterative principles, constantly evaluating technical decisions against our company's goals. If an existing solution like Cube fits the bill and meets current requirements, outsourcing makes sense. It allows us to channel our energy towards delivering enhanced value to our customers. However, should the time come when a ready-made solution no longer suffices, we wouldn't hesitate to explore internal development options.

Communication: The Lighthouse of Collaboration

Q: In a remote-first setting like Embeddable's, communication is paramount. Could you elaborate on how you foster communication within the team and incorporate their input into decisions?

Jozef: Effective communication and alignment are at the heart of an efficient engineering team, especially in a remote-first setup. Every team member's voice holds weight, and at Embeddable, we truly believe that constructive collaboration stems from ensuring every opinion matters. Our communication largely follows a bottom-up approach, with exceptions arising only when consensus isn't achievable or a hard product requirement mandates a top-down approach.

Bridging Engineering and Design

Q: Engineering and design often have distinct ways of operating. What best practices have you implemented to foster collaboration between these two crucial facets?

Jozef: Engineering and design indeed have their unique workflows, but the key is open, regular, and constructive communication. Setting clear expectations is paramount. At Embeddable, we've found that sharing ideas openly and regularly helps bridge the gap.

The Journey of Starting Afresh

Q: Starting anew with a product brings both freedom and challenges. How has Embeddable's fresh start influenced its approach compared to its predecessor, Trevor?

Jozef: Embarking on a new product journey brings immense freedom and responsibility. With Embeddable, we've adopted a markedly customer-centric approach. The Lighthouse Programme exemplifies this, as it engages customers as partners from the outset. This shift underscores our understanding that a successful product hinges on addressing customer pain points effectively.

Early Challenges: Embracing Uncertainty

Q: In the initial phases of crafting a novel product, what are the most formidable challenges you've encountered?

Jozef: The early days of a new product are characterized by uncertainty, both technical and product-related. Ensuring alignment with customer needs becomes paramount. Quick iterations and early customer involvement are crucial. At Embeddable, we've introduced the Lighthouse Programme and are gearing up for a Beta programme to address this challenge head-on.

The Spark of Excitement

Q: Amidst all the challenges and triumphs, what aspect of Embeddable excites you the most?

Jozef: The excitement lies in the resonance we've observed with Embeddable's mission to alleviate a genuine pain point. The initial feedback indicates that companies are eager for what Embeddable offers. This sense of purpose fuels my excitement – knowing that we're delivering a solution that truly matters.


Thanks, Jozef, for taking the time out of a very busy schedule to share your thoughts!

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