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Embeddable’s Private Beta Launches on Product Hunt: Why We Need Your Support

Written by
Rogan Sage,
last updated on
February 21, 2024

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UPDATE: Private Beta Applications are Now Closed

See here for more info on how to work with Embeddable


Hello Everyone,

We're incredibly excited to announce that we have launched the Private Beta for our next-generation customer-facing analytics tool on Product Hunt today (and asking for you to support us with an upvote)!

This is a milestone for the software industry. Companies can now deliver fast, fully-custom analytics experiences to their customers without costing months of development hours, nor will they have to compromise on the user experience.

Our unique approach to this persistent tech problem emerged from hundreds of conversations with founders, CTO’s, engineering and product leaders about their approach to analytics. We saw a clear, industry-wide problem and set out to create ‘the dream solution’. 

Having launched our Alpha with a rockstar lineup of ten innovative software companies including the likes of Resident Advisor, Raydiant and (fintech unicorn) Scalapay, we’re now expanding to an additional 30 companies with the Official Launch of our Private Beta.

Why Embeddable is important

In the age of VC’s demanding efficiency over growth, retention and engagement are in hyper-focus. Analytics have the power to quantitatively demonstrate the value you create for your customers via your service, whilst enabling them to make informed decisions and work more efficiently. This leads to increased engagement, retention, and upsell opportunities too. 

Every software company has data that they can use to deliver value to their customer. Analytics should not just be something you use internally; it should be an integral part of the experience you provide to your customers.

Until now, software companies had two undesirable options for adding charts, graphs and dashboards into their apps: ‘build’ or ‘buy’. With the former costing abundant, unexpected development hours and derailing product roadmaps; and the latter providing only a limited set of components and interactions to work with, resulting in a sub-par experience for their customers. 

That's where Embeddable’s next-generation approach makes a difference. Embeddable combines a front-end toolkit, backend engine and no-code builder to give you full flexibility over your user experience, whilst handling the complexities of performance, authentication, caching, row-level permissions and maintenance for you.

You can read more on the options available here.

Why Launch on Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is a community of tech enthusiasts, venture capitalists, and early adopters who are always on the lookout for innovative products. Launching here gives us a unique opportunity to showcase our tool to a wide audience that faces the very same issue we aim to solve. It's the ideal platform for gaining valuable feedback that can help us improve and evolve rapidly.

But that's not all. The collective voice of the Product Hunt community carries weight. Products that gain traction here often receive more attention, which helps us spread the word further and faster. It can lead to new partnerships, attract investors, and, most importantly, benefit businesses that need our solution.

We Need Your Support!

We can't emphasize enough how crucial your support is to our Product Hunt launch. Here's how you can help:

  • Upvote: The more upvotes we get, the more visibility we gain. Visit our Product Hunt page and give us an upvote if you believe in our mission.

  • Feedback: We're eager to hear your thoughts on our Embedded Analytics Tool. Constructive criticism and positive reviews can help us improve the product to suit your needs better.

  • Spread the Word: Share our Product Hunt page on social media, blogs, and any tech communities you are part of. Every share counts!

By supporting us, you're not just boosting a startup; you're supporting an industry of software developers and product people in developing game-changing customer experiences into their applications. Your support can propel us toward our goal of making remarkable customer-facing analytics mainstream, and in doing so, help transform how businesses achieve their engagement and retention goals.

So, head over to our Product Hunt page, and let's make remarkable customer-facing analytics achievable for everyone, together.

Thank you for your support!

Tom, Harry & Co.

Embeddable is registered in England as TMD Technology Limited (no. 13856879), at International House, 142 Cromwell Road, London, SW7 4EF.