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How we designed the Embeddable Logo

Written by
Erin Jeavons-Fellows
last updated on
March 19, 2024

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Embeddable Logoscape

We sat down with Erin and Denis from our Design team to understand how they developed our beautiful new Embeddable Logo.

Here's what they had to say...

What was the foundational idea or concept that guided the creation of the logo for our new company?

The creation of our new Embeddable logo was guided by a foundational concept rooted in the shared values of developers and designers. Embeddable serves as the bedrock for the next generation of charting capabilities, where the worlds of no-code collaboration and unbridled creative expression converge seamlessly. Our goal was to craft a logo that possessed the simplicity required to thrive in the technical arena alongside industry giants like Stripe and Apple, without overshadowing or competing with the unique charting designs created by our customers within our platform. Drawing inspiration from the preferences of both designers and developers, we blended the elegance of anagrams with the allure of isometric illustrations, resulting in a futuristic and tech-inspired emblem that not only symbolises our commitment to innovation but also fosters creativity within our community.

Can you break down the key elements in the logo and explain how they tie into our company’s mission or values?

The central E, a dynamic force of innovation, is elegantly nestled within an isometric cube, a symbol of boundless creativity. This design embodies the very essence of Embeddable - a fusion of a cutting-edge front-end toolkit, a robust back-end engine, and an intuitive no-code builder.Our new logo is a statement, an emblem that radiates across every dimension of the analytics space. Designed to stand out in any format, we are excited to share an instantly recognisable image as our symbol of remarkable design and engineering.

In a new market crowded with logos and branding, how did you approach making ours stand out?

In a tech landscape filled with logos and branding, our approach to making our Embeddable logo stand out was carefully considered. We aimed to create a logo that possessed simplicity, ensuring it could be instantly recognisable amidst the visual noise of the market. This simplicity not only facilitated easy adaptability across various mediums and devices but also allowed for dynamic color choices that worked on both black and white backgrounds, adding vibrancy and contrast to our brand identity. To ensure its versatility, we conducted testing and fine-tuned the logo's design to ensure it thrived in diverse visual spaces. We understood that our users' viewing environments vary, so finding the right tones that worked effortlessly in both light and dark settings was paramount. The dedication to versatility and adaptability was integral to making our logo distinct and memorable in a crowded marketplace, allowing Embeddable to thrive regardless of the context in which it's seen.

Were there any alternative designs that were close contenders? What made you decide on the final version?

Our journey to crafting the Embeddable logo was a month-long brainstorming endeavour, during which we generated five distinct versions, all sharing the common thread of a 3D isometric and anagram design. Each of these versions was meticulously engineered to stand out on both black and white backgrounds and encasing the essence of the letter "E," a central theme in our exploration. After extensive debates and careful consideration, we narrowed our choices down to two exceptionally promising candidates. Ultimately, we opted for the logo that bore a stronger and bolder mark, as it encapsulated the robust identity we envisioned for Embeddable, making it the perfect representation of our brand.

How do you see this logo evolving as the company grows? Is it built to be adaptable?

The chosen Embeddable logo is designed with adaptability and scalability in mind, making it well-suited to evolve alongside the company's growth. Its inherent simplicity, 3D isometric design, and clear "E" representation provide a solid foundation that can easily accommodate future changes or expansions in the company's offerings and identity. For now, we’re not sure what that would be! One step at a time!

Embeddable is registered in England as TMD Technology Limited (no. 13856879), at International House, 142 Cromwell Road, London, SW7 4EF.