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Introducing the Flare: A Unique Element in Our Brand

Written by
Erin Jeavons-Fellows
last updated on
April 3, 2024

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A few weeks ago, we introduced our new brand, and we're thrilled to share its unique personality with you.

Our journey to unveil the core of our brand was influenced by premium product trends. Although gradients are popular, we aimed to utilize them differently. We started to draw inspiration from unconventional sources.

One such source was the dynamic world of graffiti stencils. This realm provided an intriguing texture and an undeniable creative edge we wanted to incorporate into our brand. The stencil technique, Denis and I explored firsthand during a graffiti workshop some years ago. This inspired us to develop something that conveys a luxurious aesthetic while preserving a unique character seldom seen.

Graffiti using the stencil technique
Graffiti using the stencil techniqe

The result? An embodiment of boundless creativity, reminiscent of the freedom one experiences when creating graffiti with a full cone nozzle.

Embeddable Flare Stencil Logo
Embeddable Flare Stencil Logo

It also symbolizes the unique features leveraged through embeddable that enable unparalleled achievement in our industry - remarkable, fully customizable, and scalable analytics dashboards.

The principal gradient visual element, dubbed "The Flare", is visible behind our content within the builder and on our new website.

Embeddable Graffiti Flare
Embeddable Graffiti Flare

The Flare, with its varied color tones, exudes a premium aesthetic and provides an exquisite color palette to enhance our brand identity.

Here are some creative methods we use to ignite the Flare and express our inspiration through graffiti stencils.

Embeddable Graffiti Flare Stencil
Embeddable Graffiti Flare Stencil
Graffiti Flare Stencil with Text Overlay
Graffiti Flare Stencil with Text Overlay

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