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The Evolution of the Embeddable Brand

Written by
Erin Jeavons-Fellows
last updated on
March 19, 2024

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Upon founding Embeddable, we aimed to establish a unique identity. We wanted to create an iconic image that encapsulates our vision and values, resonating with both developers and designers. Our goal was ambitious, yet straightforward: to design a logo that could stand alongside industry giants, without overshadowing our future customers' creativity when using our product.

Developing the Embeddable logo was a month-long brainstorming endeavor, resulting in three distinct versions.

Embeddable Early Logo Concepts

All had a common thread of a 3D isometric and anagram design with an ‘E’ being the exploratory focal point. After much debate, we narrowed our choices down to two promising candidates.

We see Embeddable as the foundation for future charting capabilities, fusing no-code collaboration with creative expression. This vision inspired us to combine the elegance of anagrams with the appeal of isometric illustrations. The outcome is a futuristic, tech-inspired emblem symbolizing our commitment to innovation and fostering creativity within our community.

Embeddable's Monochrome Logos
Embeddable's Monochrome Logos

Our logo's key elements are the central 'E' and the isometric cube. The 'E' represents innovation's dynamic force, composed of a 3 faceted cube (which plays a little trick on your eye) that represents the building blocks of Embeddable: a cutting-edge front-end toolkit, a robust back-end engine, and an intuitive no-code builder. Our logo shines across all dimensions of the analytics space, symbolizing remarkable design and engineering.

Our approach focused on simplicity, creating a logo that is instantly recognizable yet adaptable across various mediums and devices. Its versatility and adaptability make it distinct and memorable in a competitive industry.

The evolution of our coloured logo was an iterative process lasting six months. We refined it repeatedly, maintaining the strong presence of the black version. We acknowledged the need for our brand to exist beyond just the black variant, experimenting with temporary colors while developing an interim logo.

Embeddable's Interim Logo
Embeddable's Interim Logo

These colours never quite hit the nail on the head. However, they served a purpose while we launched.

This exploration continued until we had a clear sense of our brand's direction. After some time, it became clear that we needed to move toward a more “Premium” feel; then Denis and I explored various color palettes and concepts.  We stumbled upon a rich blue tone working independently, a serendipitous alignment of our design instincts! So naturally we agreed this was the path forward!

Embeddable's Color Palette
Embeddable's Color Palette

We delved into the world of luxury products and, while gradients are currently trendy for their association with luxury, we aimed to distinguish ourselves with a unique twist.

Our journey led us to the unconventional world of graffiti stencils, which offered compelling texture and creative flair. This technique inspired us to communicate a premium feel while maintaining a distinct look. The result reflects the boundless creativity experienced when creating graffiti with a full cone nozzle.

Embeddable's Stencilled Logo
Embeddable's Stencilled Logo

The stencil design is used in our marketing materials, while the inverted stencil forms the core, colored logo, with colors reminiscent of the pre-dawn sky.

Embeddable's Inverted Stencilled Logo
Embeddable's Inverted Steniclled Logo

We couldn't be more excited about the outcome of our efforts. The process has been comprehensive, involving countless hours of hard work and creativity from our dedicated team. We are proud to announce that we will be implementing this new design across all of our platforms. We are confident that this change will not only enhance the visual appeal of our platforms but also improve the user experience. This is a significant step in the evolution of the Embeddable brand, and we eagerly look forward to sharing this new design with you.

We sincerely hope that you will appreciate the fresh look and feel and enjoy the improvements we've made.

Erin & Denis

Embeddable is registered in England as TMD Technology Limited (no. 13856879), at International House, 142 Cromwell Road, London, SW7 4EF.