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The Launch: How to get involved ⚡️

Written by
Harry Marshall
last updated on
February 21, 2024

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Be part of our future!

We've had overwhelming interest in Embeddable since we first started to whisper about it's upcoming launch a few weeks ago, so we wanted to share a couple of ways that you can get involved, show your support, and access early-adopter benefits 🎁

1. Follow our launch on Product Hunt

Launching on Product Hunt is a rite of passage for makers like us. When we launched Trevor.io back in 2016 it brought us some incredible support and lasting partnerships.

You're one click away from being notified about it as soon as we're live!

👉 Follow our launch on Product Hunt here 👈

2. Join the Slack community

Join our small, passionate pocket of the wider developer community, where you'll be able to celebrate with us as ticket ENG-003 makes it's way into 'Done'! (and get updates and insights on the technical development of Embeddable, be able to ask and answer questions, and get direct access to the team!)

👉 Join us on Slack 👈

3. Apply for the Lighthouse Programme

Whilst Embeddable is in pre-launch, we're looking for 10 companies with exciting plans for their customer-facing analytics to be part of our Lighthouse Programme. An exclusive group of companies who will be the very first to get access to the tool - in addition to having their analytics built for them, and receiving a lifetime pass to use Embeddable for free.

👉 Find out more here 👈

👉 Apply here 👈

That's not all...

We have big plans to involve our passionate budding community in the development of Embeddable. We'll keep you updated on different ways to get involved as they emerge!

- Tom, Harry & Co.

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